“After briefly working with two therapists, I wasn’t sure if it was for me. That’s until a friend recommended Eszter and I’m glad to have got in touch. After working with her for 2 years, I have been able to gain clarity about myself and my (previous) beliefs. It’s been a transformative experience to have a professional, like Eszter, who has always provided a safe place for me to explore and understand myself. I can’t thank you enough!” F.M.

“At the end of a relationship I was literally in pieces. I distinctly remember telling a colleague of mine: “Currently, I don’t want to be in my company either”. I abandoned myself and any trust I had in what I was, have been and could be. In such a state a friend suggested me to start seeing Eszter.

Through silence, patience and extreme tact, she held a non-judgemental space around me, gently leading me into the journey of self discovery. My internal monologue started coming to the surface, my patterns started to be apparent and I started to see that the choice on how to behave was mine. She made me make friends with my monsters.

Although the main work is done, I don’t think I’ll stop seeing her. In a year  she has become the person i trust the most: not because she provides me with her wise answers, but because she waits for me to find mine.”  W. R.

“Sometimes it was even fun to talk with you about the situations which was for me a problem because when we discussed it does not look that big problem, but when i think about them in my mind alone it made me feel unhappy. These conversations helped me to beileve in myself and it changed my behaviour with the staff and even with my friends. It was really helpful to speak about the stress, how to avoid him and to do the best what i can do. I am really thankful for your patience, smile and you believed in me.” A.V.

“Eszter is an outstanding coach with a repertoire of sound coaching skills. Having worked with Eszter over the past 6 months she has enabled me to gain clarity on a wide range areas that were bought to our sessions. Eszter was effective in enabling me to understand and organise my thoughts in a clear and concise way. Eszter is a very compassionate human being with attentive listening skills. Eszter has supported me in working towards my goals and has filled me with great confidence and belief in myself. Each session has been a warm and friendly. Investing in Eszter as a coach is a no brainer. She brings a positive action orientated outlook to every session whilst having the balanced qualities of patience and presence. Thank you for assisting me on my journey” C.S.

“I was already aware but I was not allowing myself to basicly feel vulnerable about my coping mechanisms and insecurity. It helped me to be aware of when it is happening so I can counter it with something positive. For example: speaking to myself, ask on class and embody my staff.” (dancer student)

“I cannot recommend Eszter enough. I had tried counselling before and thought it wasn’t for me. Then I realise that is not easy to find the right counsellor who can click with you and understand you fully. Eszter identified my issues very quickly.  Our sessions help me not only to understand underlying issues of my problems, habits, patterns but also helped me to understand how to break them and to understand what is important.”

“I think people underestimate the impact and power of these sessions can have, you never know unless you try, It is crucial to understand what those words mean, because when you do try you find yourself feeling more stable and your are not alone, someone is out there can help you, we all different and we all deal with things differently so why you would not try something different too.” (dance student)

“A friend of my recommended me to Eszter to help me with counseling. I have been through quite a lot in recent years, including the loss of my father and a major anxiety (hanging around for years) and panic attacks. Eszter guided our conversations with ‘digging down’ questions and relevant and helpings tasks after each sessions. She helped me to get back on the right path. I have found myself again that opened person I have always been. I found balance and a peace that I was looking for within myself. Eszter is highly recommended for really any kind of issues we face today. She has a lot of various experiences to apply suitable guidance to heal. ” G.S.

‘It is a time to relax and focus on myself: my individual free mind space. Guided meditation feels like I am spiritually washed and lighter, knowing how to deal with issues.’ (dancer student)

“It’s difficult to put into words as I have changed so much since I started working with Eszter 2 years ago. I was in a very negative headspace and I was struggling to maintain my own wellbeing and relationships because of it. I started therapy with an open mind and didn’t have any expectations. Eszter provided me a safe place to express and explore my feelings which has helped me learn so much about myself. It has been a truly life changing and eye opening process for me. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for support or a positive change in perspective.” B.C

“Eszter is an amazing mental health professional. I had sessions with her from May 2020 to October 2020. She helped me get through the most difficult period of my life, when I was barely functioning on a daily basis. If it wasn’t for her, I wouldn’t have been able to return to university, and re-build my life and personal relationships. She is attentive, honest and incredibly supportive. I cannot recommend her enough.”