I started my journey as a psychologist. After I finished my studies and training at the University of Szeged, I supported visually impaired people in their rehabilitation process in finding solutions to their life management and relational problems. I created and led personality development, communication, and conflict-handling training together with them. I have always been keen on developing my professional skills, so I advanced to studying and practicing integrative hypnotherapy. This has allowed me to deepen my understanding.

In the following years, I came to London to qualify as a dance movement psychotherapist, and my journey as a psychologist merged with my journey as a dancer. I worked with adolescents, people with mental health problems, learning disabilities, and challenging behaviors. In 2015 I graduated from the University of Roehampton with a Master’s Degree in Dance Movement Psychotherapy, and I became a registered, private practice licensed dance movement psychotherapist (ADMP UK; UKCP). I can offer individual and group sessions since my journey has advanced as I furthered my professional development in becoming a grief recovery method specialist helping people with what they think is impossible. I trained as a transformational coach at the accredited Animas Centre for Coaching to widen my expertise and reach out to more people in need. I am a part-time Ph.D. student at Roehampton University, Head of People and Culture at Georgian House, and a student counselor at Irie! Dance Theatre Company, a supervisor trainee at Relational Change, and developing my embodied practice in person near London Bridge, Haggerston Station, and online.